You cannot win on-track until you win off-track, on the business side.

We offer a variety of motorsport sponsorship assistance from entrepreneur skills training to sponsorship proposal creation.

Sponsorship Training

(3 hours)

This is a 1 to 1 session where we will help you design your own sponsorship strategy and plan of action to help get you started. We will also teach you the skills required to be an effective racing entrepreneur.

Sponsorship Proposal Creation

Our sponsorship partners can create an F1 standard sponsorship proposal to help you attract the partnerships and investments required to go racing

Media Training with Louise Goodman

If you wish to improve your media and interviewing skills, our partner Louise Goodman is available to offer you a 2 hour media training session at iZone. 

Sponsorship Suite

This is your chance to be part of a sponsorship training and resource package that allows you to work with some of the best sponsorship and marketing minds in the industry.


After this you will have all you need to go find sponsorship for yourself.

what's included?

Strategy meeting with a F1 sponsorship agency

Media training session with Louise Goodman

Sponsorship proposal bespoke design

Social media and online health check

Ongoing sponsorship & entrepreneurial training

Racing CV

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