Services developing the physical and mental aspects of racing driver performance

Race drivers must constantly condition and improve their personal performance, this means both physically and mentally. At iZone we put the driver first, they must learn how to operate like a champion before becoming the champion.

We offer drivers 1 to 1 and group sessions to help them advance their skills for racing and for life.



Motorsport Personal Training

Using our motorsport gym and in-house physical trainers you can book a fitness session that helps you prepare for the car you will be racing.

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Personal Performance Session

A mental training session to help you overcome current challenges and teach you the strategies allowing you to consistently perform at your best.

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Nutrition Session with Helene Patounas

Helene is a leading nutritionist in F1 and in the corporate world. iZone gives drivers the chance to have a personalised nutrition plan from Helene.



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1 to 1 and group yoga/pilates classes are available. Contact us to book your slot and to get the upcoming dates.

Yoga & Pilates




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Boxing training has many beneficial crossovers to motorsport and our dedicated professional Boxer offers individual or group sessions.

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training packages

great value bundled sessions

Our fitness team will assess you in all areas related to your physical fitness and psychomotor skills, thus giving drivers a full report on their current level and what they must do to improve.



For drivers who want a motorsport specific mental training assessment we offer a 4 hour assessment that allows them to see their current level and create their own programme so they can improve themselves.

Mental Performance Assessment

performance plus+

We are developing a full package that will offer drivers all they need to be physically and mentally prepared throughout the season. Watch this space.

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create your own PACKAGE

If you would like to create a bespoke simulator training package that helps you improve different areas of your driving and overall preparation then contact us with your requirements and we will build a cost effective program that fits into your current schedule.

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