iZone and KartSim have joined forces to provide Karters with the opportunity to train with the very latest Kart simulator technology, combined with iZone’s industry leading coaching.

Simulator Training 

iZone and KartSim have joined forces to provide a genuine ‘elite performance centre’ where Karters have the opportunity to train with the very latest Kart simulator technology, combined with iZone’s industry leading coaching and driver training facilities.  The focus is on training Karters of all levels to become the very best that they can be. 


// Simulator Coaching Sessions

// Simulator Coaching Sessions 
// Monthly Development Programme 
// After School Physical & Performance Training
// International Drivers - Two Day Intensive Training 
// Kart to Car Transition Training 


Home Simulator Training  

iZone's unique home simulator training programmes allow drivers to benefit from iZone's world class training from the comfort of their own homes. We use a combination of live streaming directly onto the driver's simulator screen, with strict training drills and detailed post run analysis to ensure that drivers are continually challenged to develop their skill level. 


// Remote Coaching Sessions 
// Comprehensive Home Training Programme
// Individual After School Fitness Club
// Group After School Fitness Club
// KartSim


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Group Training Sessions  

iZone's group training sessions offer Karters the opportunity to benefit from the same high quality of coaching but set within a group environment. These sessions mainly run in the school holidays and can include simulator training, physical training camps, seminars and competition training.


// Group Competition Days

// After School Physical & Performance Training

// School Holiday Fitness Camps
// School Holiday Development/Competition Days
// Daily Performance & Mindfulness Clinic
// HIIT and Zone Training
// Group/Studio/Classes
// Training Seminars
// Half-day team physical

Physical Assessments & Training Plans

We have a range of fitness assessments available for you to find out your physical and psychomotor strengths and weakness. Tests can range from individual components to our full detailed performance assessment, which assesses all components of motorsport fitness. Whichever test you choose, all your results will be benchmarked against top drivers in your category and you will be given training recommendations based on your results.


// Karting Fitness Assessment
// Remote Fitness Assessment
// Bespoke Gym Training Programme
// Remote Individual Training Programme
// Health and lifestyle assessment 
// Nutrition

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Physical Training

Fitness training at iZone is solely targeted at enhancing on track performance and thereby creating motorsport athletes, not just training for fitness sake. We consider the specific requirements for your chosen formula, from the physical aspects required to avoid a drop in performance, for example your cardiovascular endurance or neck strength. We also target the psychomotor skills to improve your overall performance e.g the fine motor control required for braking, your balance (or 'feel' within the car) or your reaction time. We have a wide range of training packages available for you to work on specific aspects individually, or the option of training across all areas of fitness with us.


// After School Fitness club

// After School Fitness Club
// School Holiday Fitness Camps
// Personal Training (gym)
// Personal Training (at the track)
// HIIT and Zone Training
// Psychomotor training sessions
// Strength training sessions 
// Pre-performance routine 
// Half-day team physical

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In elite sport it has been suggested that success in sport is at least 50 percent mental when comparing opponents of similar ability. In some sports, such as motor racing that percentage can be as high as 80 to 90 percent. At iZone we use Performance Psychology to help drivers maximise their performance through tailored support packages which are designed to help them achieve their goals and to perform when it matters most.  


// Initial Consultation

// One-To-One Training Sessions

// Competition Support

// Introduction to Mindfulness

// Mindfulness Training

// Performance & Mindfulness Clinic (daily)

// Mental Skills Training For Parents



iZone and Motorsport UK have joined forces to provide a range of training courses for Karters who are entering the sport. These courses are focussed on supporting drivers during the early, critical stages of their development, prior to both their ARKS test and their first tests and races. 


// Pre-ARKS Training

// Post-ARKS Training


kartsim sales

KartSim are market leaders in Kart simulation, software and Kart eSports racing series and their aim is to provide Karters of all ages, budgets and abilities with the best possible simulator experience.


// Karting eSports solutions

// Coaching

// Simulator builds and software

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