The role of Performance Psychology at iZone is to create mentally resilient drivers who have the ability to execute complex skills under the extreme pressures of competition. 

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Performance Psychology

In elite sport it has been suggested that success in sport is at least 50 percent mental when comparing opponents of similar ability. In some sports, such as motor racing that percentage can be as high as 80 to 90 percent. At iZone we use Performance Psychology to help drivers maximise their performance through tailored support packages which are designed to help them achieve their goals and to perform when it matters most.  


// Initial Consultation
// One-To-One Training Sessions
// Competition Support
// Mental Skills Training For Parents


mindfulness traning

Mindfulness is very much in vogue at the moment and throughout the world elite athletes and coaches in many different disciplines are embracing both science and spirituality to enhance their performance capacity. At iZone we use mindfulness training to help drivers develop their mental resilience - their ability to execute consistently the right skills at the right time no matter what the circumstance or pressure they face.


// Introduction to Mindfulness 
// Mindfulness Training 
// Performance & Mindfulness Clinic (daily)

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