Fitness training at iZone is solely targeted at enhancing on track performance and creating exceptional motorsport athletes.



Our training always starts with an assessment, this establishes a benchmark and allows us to set training goals and loads for your programme. Following any of our assessments, you will receive a detailed report along with training recommendations, which will then lead into your programme.


// VO2 Max Testing
// Health and lifestyle assessment 
// Fitness Assessments
// Remote Fitness Assessment
// Karting Fitness Assessment
// DNA testing

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1 to 1 Training Sessions

In our one to one sessions you will work with one of our expert trainers to transform your fitness training into a motorsport athlete's training. Personal training sessions can be tailored to work on specific areas of motorsport performance and their are options to also work on all those areas that go into a race meeting such as nutrition, sleep, pre-performance routines, we can also offer on-track support to run alongside this.


// Personal Training (gym/track)
// Psychomotor block sessions
// Strength block sessions 
// Psychomotor sessions
// Strength sessions 
// Brake training 
// Pre performance routine 
// Nutrition
// Bespoke Gym Training Programme

remote training

Our home fitness programme provides a range of packages and exercises that are specifically designed for training from home. Following a consultation the programme will be personalised to each driver's requirements depending on their needs and the equipment they have available. The programme consists of Cardiovascular, Strength, Psychomotor and Flexibility in either one to one or group training sessions and progress across all areas is recorded and reviewed remotely by our trainer.


// Weekly Physical & Performance Training
// After School Fitness Club
// Remote Individual Training Programme

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group training

Our group training sessions provide a highly motivating environment for you to train all the key areas for motorsport fitness whilst being pushed by training with other drivers/competitors. Training ranges from high intensity sessions, pressure and competition training to group/studio mind and body classes such as yoga.


// Physical Training Camps
// HIIT and Zone Training
// Group/Studio/Classes
// School Holiday Fitness Camps
// Karting - half day team physical

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