We offer a wide range of training from one off sessions to season long training packages. Whether you are a part-time or professional driver we have bespoke packages to help you perform better on the driving, fitness and sponsorship areas of your racing.



Due to the continually evolving situation with the global coronavirus pandemic, we've responded by putting together remote coaching packages for drivers and karters, allowing you to reach us digitally from the comfort of your setup at home. 

Safety concerns around the crowds and people required for motorsport events means races are being postponed and cancelled. Whilst we all remain positive that the season will get underway soon, those still working on their performance and training in these uncertain times are the ones who will be fighting at the front when we are ready to take to the track again...

Find out more about our remote training packages:

  • Bespoke lapping log

  • Advanced eye tracking system

  • Over 60 channels of live data

  • Biometric recording

  • Specialist training tracks/drills

simulator driver training

1 x GT/Touring car chassis

2 x Formula car chassis 

2 x Linked esports simulators

1 x Cadet Kart simulator

1 x Junior/Senior Kart Simulator

Physical and mental training at iZone is solely targeted at enhancing their overall performance and creating motorsport athletes who can achieve their racing goals.


  • Fitness assessments

  • Fitness training

  • Mental coaching sessions

  • Training camps

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Nutrition plans

  • Boxing and Yoga

motorsport sponsorship

  • Sponsorship expert advice

  • Sponsorship strategy training

  • Sponsorship proposal creation

  • Entrepreneurship training

  • Corporate entertainment packages

  • Branding health checks/advice

  • Products

At iZone it is our mission to give drivers the skills and knowledge that will help them generate the investment, partnerships and motorsport sponsorship they need.

For a bespoke package that includes all of iZone's training and guidence using all of our partners and Andy Priaulx, APSM has all you need.

FULL performance management

  • Full assessments, reports and reviews

  • Overall driver training

  • Race preparation sessions and software

  • Group training days

  • Seminars

  • Impartial career advice

  • Home simulator support

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