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The first time in eSports, iZone are introducing professional racing driver training into the sim racing community. 

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Sim Driver Training

The first time in Sim Racing, iZone are introducing professional racing driver training into the eSports community.  IZone's unique home simulator training programmes allow drivers to benefit from iZone's world class training from the comfort of their own homes, anywhere around the world.


// Remote Simulator Coaching
// Comprehensive Home Training Programme
// Weekly Physical & Performance Training
// IT and Engineering Support

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WOSR Powered By iZone Performance

As part of our commitment to Sim Racing, iZone have partnered with one of Europe's top Sim Racing Teams - World Of Sim Racing (WOSR) who race in the main World Championships. iZone provide the team with advice and training especially in areas such as advanced driving techniques and building mental resilience, so that the team can perform exceptionally when under pressure. 


physical training

Our home fitness programme provides a range of packages and exercises that are specifically designed for training from home. Following a consultation the programme will be personalised to each driver's requirements depending on their needs and the equipment they have available. The programme consists of Cardiovascular, Strength, Psychomotor and Flexibility in either one to one or group training sessions and progress across all areas is recorded and reviewed remotely by our trainer.


// Remote Fitness Assessment
// Remote Individual Training Programme
// Weekly Physical & Performance Training

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performance psychology

In elite sport it has been suggested that success in sport is at least 50 percent mental when comparing opponents of similar ability. In some sports, such as motor racing that percentage can be as high as 80 to 90 percent. At iZone we use Performance Psychology to help drivers maximise their performance through tailored support packages which are designed to help them achieve their goals and to perform when it matters most.  


// Initial Consultation
// One-To-One Training Sessions
// Competition Support
// Introduction to Mindfulness 
// Mindfulness Training 
// Performance & Mindfulness Clinic (daily)

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