Driver development using high tech simulators in a controlled environment

Using advanced simulation hardware and software, our coaches utilise structured training drills that are designed to develop your skills whilst progressively increasing the levels of challenge. Our bespoke training software records every aspect of your driving and personal performance.


Sessions can either be done with our in-house coaches or on your own (or with your own coach).

simulator training sessions

one-off and hourly sessions

Car Simulators

We run both coached and uncoached sessions using our GT and single seater simulators. 

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Kart simulators

Using KartSim hardware and track/kart models we have the very latest technology to assist our kart training service.

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esports simulators

Our esports (side by side) simulators allow drivers to train their racecraft and compete in esports events. Coaching also available.

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3 for 2

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driver training packages

packages and programmes

Off-Season driver training for those who wish to improve upon last year and make a leap forward for the coming season. 

winter training package

This package allows drivers to come to iZone prior to each race meeting so they are fully prepared for the weekend/event.

season training package

For kart drivers who wish to learn the driving technique and core skills needed to successfully race a car.

kart-to-car transition

half-day race preparation

Allowing drivers to spend half a day training all areas (driving, mental and physical) at iZone to help prepare for the next race event.

full-day driver assessment

Our driver assessment discovers a driver's strengths/weaknesses, benchmarks their current level helps them and train more effectively.

create your own PACKAGE

If you would like to create a bespoke simulator training package that helps you improve different areas of your driving and overall preparation then contact us with your requirements and we will build a cost effective program that fits into your current schedule.

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