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To have a successful career in motorsport it is essential that drivers master the skills required to find sponsorship, communicate with the media and manage their social media.

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Sponsorship & Entrepreneurship

For a driver to develop a successful career in the current world of motorsport they must also possess a deep understanding of the way business works in their sport and have the entrepreneurial skills that will help them create value to sponsors, investors and manufacturers. They also need the people and self-promotional skills that help them stand out for the right reasons. We help drivers improve these skills so they can also be winners in sport and in life.


Media Training With Louise Goodman

Goodman Media is run by award-winning motorsport TV presenter and journalist Louise Goodman.  Louise has been successfully delivering media training programmes for over a decade, working with a wide range of clients from young up-and-coming novice racers to Formula One drivers & teams. Goodman Media offers a range of training packages to suit the different requirements of our clients, but all our sessions provide expert insight and practical experience in this increasingly important area for all racing drivers.


// Introduction To The Media
// Bespoke Media Training Sessions



Our partners at Next Level Motorsport are experts in helping drivers, teams and championships produce the right image and content in order to attract sponsors in a professional way. Whatever stage you're at on the motorsport ladder, creating the right impression is crucial to make sure you get on the starting grid you want to compete in and succeed as a professional racing driver.


// Professional design and branding services
// Race weekend social media management

// Race reports and written content packages

// Bespoke sponsorship materials

// Social Media, Sponsorship & PR training seminars

// Website design

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