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Driver Development Silverstone | iZone Performance


Our mission is to train drivers of all levels to become the very best that they can be. By identifying your Strengths and Weaknesses, our team of experts will work towards your goals, whether you are preparing for your next race or developing a long term career in motorsport.

Our approach is built on the following principles:

Focus on skills

// Identifying, understanding and practicing core skills until they can be performed automatically

// Knowing your Strengths and turning them into SuperStrengths

// Understanding your Weaknesses and turning them into Opportunities

performing under pressure

// Creating ‘Robustness’ - the essential ability to execute the right skills at the right time, no matter what pressures you face

// Understanding, developing and conditioning the mindset and focus required to perform at your best, be it in qualifying or first laps

becoming 'natural'

// Understanding how preparation, mental rehearsal and process-focus create ‘flow’ in your driving

// Become instinctive and naturally adaptive to new tracks, cars and changing grip levels

// Understanding your unique ‘Peak Performance State’ to create optimum lap times


It takes more than just talent to become a World Class driver. That’s why our driver coaches and specialist sport scientists work together as an interdisciplinary team to ensure we are developing you as a complete motorsport athlete.

John Pratt | iZone Performance

john pratt

founder & performance

Neil Riddiford | iZone Performance

neil riddiford

commercial director &
performance coach

Wilma James | iZone Performance

wilma james

office manager

Jordan Albert | iZone Performance

jordan albert

performance coach

Sidd Sampla | iZone Performance

sidd sampla

performance psychologist

Kevin Hoyes | iZone Performance

kevin hoyes

head of sports science

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performance coach

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iZone Headshot (4 of 4).JPG


performance coach

about the facility

Based at Silverstone Circuit, our state of the art facility features 3 x high tech simulators, 4 x training simulators, a motorsport gym, fitness studio, sports lab, drivers room and a boardroom.

All of the simulators feature live data, comprehensive recording and analysis software, eye tracking, heart rate monitoring and biometric/EEG feedback to enable us to monitor real-time human performance data and use it as an advanced teaching tool.


When you are training at iZone our training will be based on:

// Commitment to long term skill development, as well as creating quick wins to help today's performance.

// Individualised and refined coaching programmes designed to push you as a driver.

// On-going innovation so you are never standing still.


Not only do we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art facility and skilled team, but also on partners below who offer their services to help us provide powerful bespoke driver training packages.

Goodman Media
motorsport uk
Helene Patounas Nutrition
MIS Motorsport
JSM Media
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