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  1. Know that your goals are critical to your success, they establish both your dream and define how you are going to get there. This applies to you whether you are a club racer or an aspiring F1 driver

  2. When making decisions concerning your training and your career they must first be referenced against your goals

  3. Know that to become a champion you need to start acting like one now – focus on the values and character traits of the person you need to become to achieve your goals

  4. Study your sport and the history of your sport – motorsport has to be your passion and knowing the history of your sport will deepen that passion

  5. Study the great drivers, what can you learn from their journey, their character and their values?

  6. Own your involvement in your sport - whether physical, technical, tactical, equipment, or mental, you will only achieve your goals if you take full responsibility for every aspect

  7. Seek out competition at every opportunity as a means of testing your skill, and taking that skill to a higher level

  8. Become the fastest learner – the greats are fascinated by the process of learning about their sport, they never stop learning, growing and getting better

  9. Become a great coach – there is an old adage that “you teach what you need to learn”

  10. Know that ‘Grit’ is the No. 1 predictor of future success in sport – practice grittiness in your training on a daily basis

  11. Know that every technical, mental and physical challenge that you have will have its solution in your training

  12. Don’t play it safe embrace errors and mistakes, they can be your greatest teacher

  13. Know what you control, what you can influence and what is outside of your control. Only focus on those things you control and influence and let go of the rest

  14. Be disciplined, don’t risk your career on the need to be motivated before you do anything

  15. Act with self-belief, even in times when you don’t believe it 100% (until it becomes a habit) - fake it until you make it!

  16. Be aware of being on autopilot in everyday life – be present and make conscious decisions about your life, training and career

  17. Recognize that the best version of yourself should be your vision, not anybody else’s

  18. Be organised – plan your training and your life on a daily and weekly basis.

  19. Spend more of your time on the things that really matter, not the things you like doing

  20. Be humble - you will meet the same people on the way down as you met on the way up

  21. Treat every threat as a challenge, this creates confidence, determination, intensity, and excitement

  22. Remember results don’t come quickly or easily or necessarily when you want them to, you must adopt a long-term attitude towards your development

  23. Discipline your mind through mindfulness training, it will take commitment, patience, and perseverance

  24. Recognise that risk is essential to performing at your best and finding success… if you aren’t taking risks, you aren’t performing the best you can

  25. Be intrigued and fascinated with the process of learning about your Method

  26. Commit to learning about and refining how you reach and maintain your Peak Performance State

  27. Results matter, but to get them, ignore them… the bottom line is that if you focus on the process the results will come

  28. Practice discomfort in your life and in your training – this is the playing field that you have chosen to perform on

  29. Know that every war is fought and lost in the mind. You are your greatest friend and your greatest enemy. Use this knowledge every day to your advantage

  30. Be aware of how you behave in training when no one is watching you

  31. Never give up… when you give up you automatically lose and you make it easier to give up the next time

  32. Undertaking exhaustive reviews and detailed planning are the foundations of your next result

  33. Roll with the ups and downs of life gracefully, without getting frustrated, angry, or discouraged; use turbulent times as motivation to take yourself to the next level

  34. Be mindful of what you think about yourself and say to yourself – remember that your conscious mind is the guardian to the gates of your unconscious - what are you storing up for yourself?

  35. Know your ‘Default Task’ and condition your response at the crossroads of choice to focus on it 100% when under pressure

  36. Recognise that everyone on your grid is at different levels of skill and experience, all you can do is get 100% out of ‘your’ individual gifts

  37. Do something difficult every day

  38. Know that the road to greatness is a road less travelled because most people turn back too soon

  39. Practice adaptability - different cars, different tracks, different handling, different setup – the broader your skill base the more difficult it will be for winds of pressure to blow you over

  40. Believe in your training programme and the progress you are making , it gives you the confidence to accept being with your current skill level, your performance today… knowing that you will be a very different person in a couple of months’ time

  41. Train to perform “better” under pressure. Extreme pressure increases focus especially when it matters most… the more pressure the more in the moment you are

  42. Develop self-awareness, know your strengths and weaknesses (technically, mentally and physically) and crucially understand what you need to do to perform well

  43. Have a strong work ethic - know that hard work staves off self-doubt and lack of action and that only perfect practice makes perfect

  44. Be grateful for all of the opportunities your sport has given you and is giving to you

  45. Know that you can predict your future if you stay mindfully aware that every decision you make creates your future

  46. When you are under pressure and all else fails be ruthless with yourself!

  47. Never make excuses, take responsibility for everything that happens in your life – remember you have created current situations by choices you have made in the past.

  48. Develop the character, intelligence, determination and passion to inspire your team to greatness.

  49. Train to be amazing in qualifying, the greats are always able to find that little bit of magic when it matters most

  50. Know that change is the only certainty in our sport, weather, track conditions, the car’s handling, etc., the greats expect and embrace change and easily adapt to changing conditions and situations.

  51. Learn how to rest and recover so that you turn up to race meetings with an excess of energy


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