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Remote Pre-Season Training

During the season a driver’s main focus should be on preparing for individual tests and races where the emphasis is more on maximising one’s current skill level rather than working on long term skill acquisition and conditioning.

All professional athletes use the off-season for long-term skill development (mental, technical and physical) with the intention of significantly raising their performance levels for the next season. Racing drivers have much less opportunity to practice than other sports due to the high cost of testing and in-season test bans, so it is even more important for them to use the off-season constructively to develop the skills and focus on optimising their personal performance.

With the current lockdown 3.0 it provides an even greater opportunity than usual to gain an advantage over your competition, by using this time to train effectively.

“When you are not practicing, somewhere someone is practicing and when you meet them they are going to win!”


Before beginning a pre-season training programme, it is important to first establish where you are at currently. The assessment process is designed to establish current skill level and to benchmark performance so that we can use this to measure future performance against.From both simulator and fitness assessments we can identify strengths and weaknesses across all of the areas that create on-track performance, the findings are then used to create the driver’s Training Goals for that month.

Monthly Reviews

Following the initial assessment, we undertake a monthly review and update of the driver’s training goals from the previous month so that we are able to track development on an ongoing basis.


For our 2021 pre-season training programme we will be starting with full remote training, but when covid-19 restrictions allow we are able to combine our in-house training and remote training. For drivers with home simulators, we can offer remote coaching as well as in house simulator training, for our fitness sessions we can offer assessments and group training remotely as well as in house personal training. In addition, we provide a daily performance, mindfulness and visualisation clinic on Zoom to ensure that our drivers are constantly increasing their knowledge and skills, developing mental resilience and improving their visual imagery skills.

All of the following is included in our programme:

Simulator Training

  • 2 x remote simulator coaching sessions per month (for those with home simulators) these can be moved to simulator sessions at iZone when permitted.

  • 2 hour review to identify strengths and work on areas and create Training Goals (in first month).

  • 1 x pressure training session on home simulator (race runs, qualifying, adaptability).

Fitness Training

  • Remote Fitness Assessment in first month.

  • 2 remote one to one fitness sessions per month.

  • Remote fitness sessions hosted on Zoom – 3 sessions per week.

Performance and Mindfulness Clinic - Every morning (weekdays) from 08:30 to 09:00 (UK time). The programme is made up as follows:

  • 10 Minute talk on an aspect of performance (sample documents sent as PDFs)

  • Monday – Being the best version of themselves

  • Tuesday – Being with discomfort – mental and physical

  • Wednesday – Training effectively

  • Thursday – Performing under pressure

  • Friday – Disassociation from racing

  • 10 Minutes Mindfulness Practice

  • 5 Minutes Visualisation

  • 5 Minutes Goal Review

Weekly Mindfulness Training

  • One hour every Monday evening with our qualified Sports Psychologist / Mindfulness Trainer

  • iRacing – Join our iZone iRacing series

  • Every Wednesday at 8pm

  • 2 x SuperPole per month

  • 2 x Races per month

Contact us today to discuss your 2021 Pre-Season Training: