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Tips for keeping motorsport fit during lockdown

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

One of the big problems with being at home for longer is the amount of time we spend sitting or just being inactive. For example we may sleep for 8 hours, work for 8 hours, eat for a combined 1 hour in the day and watch TV or be on a computer for another 1-3 hours, that takes up the majority of our time, so this can make progress on your fitness training even more difficult. So let’s look at some ways that we can keep active during lockdown:

  • Get on the Strava app and get outside running or cycling, Strava will track your distance and times and compare segments of your run or ride against others, so you can get competitive!

  • Or training indoors? Then look into training on Zwift, if you have a gym bike or road bike on a turbo trainer, or a smart treadmill then you can use Zwift as well as tracking the workouts on Strava as well.

  • Join our online fitness classes using Zoom - contact us to find out more.

Set yourself some challenges or goals to overcome

Cardiovascular endurance

  • Set yourself a distance target over 1 week or a month or even to do just to do in 1 session.

  • Set a time based target e.g 5km time, 10km time, 1 mile time.


  • Learn to master bodyweight exercises, it can be as simple as improving your press up, sit up or squat technique or learning a more advanced move such as a handstand press up! This obviously depends on your current levels and strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learning new exercises with new equipment – sometimes we have these items laying around of home without ever really getting the most out of them, or they can be easily picked up online. Something relatively cheap can open up a whole new range of exercises to learn such as Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, TRX, Swiss balls, Bosu, Balance Boards Resistance Bands.

Psychomotor based

  • Learn to Juggle! – a great hand-eye coordination exercise as well as using your peripheral vision.

  • Improve your balance – kneeling on a swiss ball, using a balance board, bosu or wobble board.

  • Skipping – another great exercise which requires coordination between your hands, eyes and feet.

Flexibility, Posture and Mobility

This can involve improving problem areas, for example tight hamstrings or Issues caused from prolonged sitting.

Set a timer every hour or half hour

Give yourself an exercise or series of exercises to complete every time it goes off. The key is not to fall into a routine of sitting at your desk for too long or watching TV, leading to prolonged inactivity.