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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

iZone’s drivers started their Winter Training Programme on the 1st of November. At the core of this training will be our Performance Clinic (running 5 days a week at 08:25 every morning on Zoom) and it will be focused on the following 10 topics. We will be spending one week on each so that we can really drill down into the detail and requirements of each one so that they can be included into our daily training. We will also be following up with blog posts on each of these areas.

  1. BEING A RACING DRIVER WARRIOR – Being Competitive / Creating Goals / Developing Character

  2. BEING YOUR OWN CEO – Self Assessment / Planning / Organisation / Self Discipline

  3. BUILDING YOUR METHOD – Refining Skill / Building your own unique Method /Constantly Challenging the Limit

  4. ENHANCING YOUR JUDGEMENT – Peripheral Vision / Precise Entry Vision / Precise Exit vision

  5. TRAINING EFFECTIVELY – Intense, Deliberate Practice – Leading to Fast Learning

  6. BEING A MOTORSPORT ATHLETE – Endurance / Strength / Balance / Reactions / Coordination / Nutrition / Recovery

  7. BEING IN THE PEAK STATE OF FLOW – Knowing and Accessing Your Peak State / Experiencing Micro and Macro Flow

  8. BEING MENTALLY UNBREAKABLE – Mindfulness Conditioning / Task Focus / Distraction Control

  9. BEING ADAPTABLE – Rapid Adaption to Wet / Changing Grip Levels / Changing Handling

  10. DELIVERING WHEN IT MATTERS – Performing Under Pressure / Qualifying / Race Starts / First Laps etc.


  • For all of our drivers to take a significant step forward in their Skill Level over the next 5 months of training – macro or micro gains depending where a driver is on their development curve.

  • Focus on the accumulation of incremental and marginal gains every day.

  • Every day to beat yourself by 1/100th, over an initial 90 days of training, that represents an improvement of 0.9 of a second over that period.

  • Effectively we will be adopting the Japanese system of Kaizen. This is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement." It is a Japanese business philosophy regarding the processes that continuously improves operations. The Kaizen concept proposes that there is no perfect end and that everything can be improved upon, people must strive to evolve and innovate constantly. Importantly it recognises that small changes ‘now’ can have big future impacts.


Defined by the psychologist Anders Ericsson and colleagues, Deliberate Practice is “the individualized training activities specially designed by a coach to improve specific aspects of an individual's performance through repetition and successive refinement”. At iZone we deliver this through:

  • Starting with a comprehensive review with a coach.

  • Creating a training plan to enhance Strengths and to work on major Weaknesses.

  • Ensure that every day’s training is planned and structured.

  • Drivers to pause before each training session, to know its purpose and set yourself a goal.

  • All drivers training to be at the same level of intensity that is used in qualifying.

  • Drivers assess their performance after each run.

  • Encouraging drivers to choose to do difficult things!

Remember every decision you make creates your future!

Find out more about our driver development programme here and contact us to discuss your winter training.


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